To those who can wait, time opens every door.

(Chinese proverb)

A story of passion

We believe in imagination, commitment, authentic passion for what we do.
In the idea that, in an inflated world of objects, building a new product has no other meaning than to convey the energy of a creative act which, after all, says something about us, our history, our way of seeing things, therefore giving a meaning to what, in itself, has none.
This really matters, while all the rest are more or less welcomed consequences.

The story of Faseaudio is the story of a craftsman, Fabio Serblin, and his passion.
Committed as a designer since the beginning of Sonus Faber, in 1991 he founded his own brand Fase Evoluzione Audio focusing on the quality of design with the aim of creating high performance hifi audio amplifiers.

After just a few years, the Fase products attract gratifying results in many European and Eastern countries, as witnessed by a long series of reviews in the trade magazines, a collection of which is available here. Over 80% of the production in those years went abroad.

In 2002 a long parenthesis opened: due to a series of personal events, he decided to stop production on his own and develop a career as a distributor, leading to success in the Italian market niche products unknown at that time. In this period he builds a wealth of contacts, manages a network of collaborators and acquires a useful commercial experience.

Serblin & Son - Fabio Serblin

Now it’s time to get back to the original passion trying to value the experience acquired.
Faseaudio/Serblin & Son is about to resume production with new models, combining the legacy of the past with a modern approach to design assisted by the use of advanced electronic and mechanical simulation tools.

Photo Gallery

Fabio Serblin, Franco Serblin, Cesare Bevilacqua

Sonus Faber heritage

The first times in Monteviale (Vicenza).

Serblin & Son - heritage

The Sonus Faber Lab in Monteviale where original and in some ways unique products were born.

1988 Top Audio Show. Presentation of the Amator Power amplifier with a welcome visit by a distinguished guest: Mr. Dan D’agostino.

Serblin & Son - faseaudio heritage

1991. Fase Evoluzione Audio is born.
An image of the lab in Via Vecchia Ferriera in Vicenza.

Serblin & Son - Faseaudio heritage

Almost all Fase production went abroad.

Serblin & Son - Faseaudio

1998. Performance 1.1 presentation in China

Serblin & Son - hiend audio

Power amplifiers Powersource 1.1 ready for the burn-in test