Tribute to Franco Serblin.

“In the groove of what was our first adventure, the integrated Sonus Faber Quid, I dedicate to Franco this series of amplifiers in vivid memory and with the indelible affection that I retain for him that was for me a mentor, a second father”. Fabio Serblin.

Frankie – integrated amplifier

Serblin & Son - hiend audio
Serblin & Son hiend audio

The power supply is entrusted to a generous toroidal transformer equipped with 3 separate secondary windings to serve the various sections of the circuit without causing interference between these.
We have paid great attention to the realization of the transformer to make it absolutely quiet.
The choice of a class II insulation, therefore without ground connection, makes also easier to insert Frankie in an audio chain avoiding earth loops that sometimes affect class I appliances.
Downstream of the transformer we have voltage regulators made on discrete component with better performance than common commercial regulators in terms of noise and transient response.

Golden stairway 
The delicate function of the volume control is entrusted to a passive network, a bank of fixed resistances switched by relais with a total of 127 steps scale.
This solution offers superior sound quality vs both analog or digital potentiometers.
Furthermore, it features a perfect tracking between channels throughout the whole attenuation range and the consistency of long-term performance is guaranteed.
The PHONO preamplifier accepts MM and MC cartridges and offers a wide range of adjustments for the perfect adaptation of any model.
The MC input has a dedicated stage made on discrete components.
The power stage is protected by short circuit and heavy overload by a precise and fast optical sensor that has zero impact on the sound quality but intervenes, if necessary, only by disconnecting the load until normal operating conditions are restored.

Frankie’s amplification module uses an original bipolar transistor circuit developed and refined in house.
The circuit, made of a mixed SMD / TH technology, is built against the heat sink to maximize thermal efficiency and minimize signal paths, containing parasitic inductances to the full advantage of the amplifier’s performance.
The compact module thus obtained is equipped with golden connectors that allow easy separation from the motherboard in view of future upgrades or alternative set-ups.

Serblin & Son - hiend audio
Serblin & Son - hiend audio
Serblin & Son - hiend audio

Technical data 

  • Output power : 2x 75w/ch 8 ohm, 2x 110w/ch 4 ohm.
  • Original Fase / Serblin & Son circuitry.
  • Inputs : CD XLR, CD RCA, AUX (RCA e jack 3.5mm), PHONO.
  • PREAMP output.
  • Phono MM / MC with 24 resistance / capacitance / gain settings.
  • USB-A 5V socket to power supply external dongles.
  • Auto standby after about 20 minutes of input signal absence.
  • Stand-by power < 0.5w (complies to Ecodesign directive 2009/125/CE).
  • Power supply voltage (220-240v/50-60hz).
  • Smartphone ( any type ) remote control 
  • Dimensions mm : 430 x 317 x 78 (LxPxA) protruding parts included.
  • net weight : 12kg.

You can remote control your Frankie through your Android smartphone.
Click on the image below to download the App.

Serblin & Son - hiend audio

You can remote control your Frankie through your iOS smartphone.
Click on the image below to download the App.

Serblin & Son - hiend audio