Tribute to the memory of Franco Serblin.

Serblin & Son - hiend audio
Serblin & Son - hiend audio

Frankie power employs the same circuitry of Frankie integrated but all parts are in fact doubled starting from the power transformer up to the power amplifier stage.
So we obtain a dual mono configured amplifer where each channel is working in balanced mode.
Peak level and protection indicators are available for each channel by means of the 4 leds in the front panel.

The two front knobs of Frankie integrated are replaced here by two aluminium low profile pads that you just need to touch to perform power on/off.

When Frankie power works in combination with Frankie preamplifier you can connect them together through the trigger jack so you simply make the power amp slave to the preamplifer. 

Serblin & Son - hiend audio

Technical data

  • Power output : 2x 240w/ch 8 ohm.
  • Original Fase / Serblin & Son circuitry
  • inputs : XLR balanced 
  • Touch controlled power on/off
  • Auto standby after about 20 minutes of input signal absence
  • Stand-by power consumption < 0.5w (complies to Ecodesign directive 2009/125/CE)
  • Power supply voltage (220-240v/50-60hz)
  • Dimensions mm : 430 x 317 x 78 (LxPxA) protruding parts included
  • net weight : 18kg