Frankie monoblock balanced power amplifier employs the same original class A/B circuit topology of Frankie integrated where the two original stereo channels are used as the two halves of a monophonic balanced configuration.

The power transformer has been tailor made to meet the new condition in which the amplifier is called to work so it’s not just a Frankie integrated amplifier brutally bridged, which would ouput just too much voltage swing and limited current, but in fact a new tune in terms of voltage / current proportion in the output power.

While the Frankie power is than a natually balanced amplifier, we also provided an unbalanced RCA input to support a more flexible use of the amp.

In order to preserve the best sonic result even when feeded through the unbalanced input, we used a high performance texas instruments balanced driver supplied by a dedicated power supply rail of the trafo with discrete regulators.
This driver also works as a current buffer so we make sure the amp is driven the best way from a known low impedance source.

Short circuit protection and DC output protection are builted in the amp and controlled by a microprocessor.
Fault or overdriven condition are displayed through the 4 front leds.

The two front knobs of the Frankie integrated have been keeped in place to preserve the family design but flatted down to serve as a toggle power switches with touch sensitive capability.
So they do not rotate nor can being pushed but you just need to lightly touch them to switch the amp on/off

Frankie monoblock is also equipped with an auto power on function that triggers an incoming signal and starts the amplifier.

An infrared sensor is also present so the Frankie monoblock can be powered on/off through remote control.

Frankie monoblock is the ideal partner of the Frankie hybrid preamplifier

Technical data

  • Power output : 150w/ch 8 ohm.
  • Original Fase / Serblin & Son circuitry
  • inputs : XLR balanced, RCA unbalanced
  • Touch controlled power on/off
  • Auto power sensing the incoming signal.
  • Auto standby after about 20 minutes of input signal absence ( only if auto power sensing switch is enabled )
  • Stand-by power consumption < 0.5w (complies to Ecodesign directive 2009/125/CE)
  • Power supply voltage (220-240v/50-60hz)
  • Dimensions mm : 430 x 317 x 78 (LxPxA) protruding parts included
  • net weight : 11kg